War with North Korea

As North Korea continues to threaten it’s close neighbours with Nuclear missiles and the Trump Administration rattles the sabre, I want to share two links (posted below) to try and bring some balance the conversation. One is a very emotional and heartfelt plea from a brave young lady who has suffered much at the hands of the North Korean Dictatorship. The second link (‘Americans have forgotten what we did to North Korea’) is also hard to emotionally digest. We live in the 21st Century now, both evil dictators as well as so-called “free world” countries raining bombs upon civilian populations causing immense suffering should never be seen as acceptable in any way. I don’t pretend to have the answers for this seemingly escalating conflict, but North Koreans have been well taught about suffering caused by the USA to their populace in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, most Americans (as well as their allies such as us in Australia) either have forgotten or never knew in the first place. So if the USA just goes in Gung-ho style killing more of their people, it might improve Trump’s approval ratings, but it certainly won’t solve the issue at hand or improve our lot on this blue beautiful but war-weary planet. PS: Let us not forget that when the USA and its allies including us Australians went into Iraq after 9/11 (under false WMD pretences), over one million Iraqi people died. No wonder some people hate us


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