FU Big Oil

Recently I attended a party where someone repeated the worn out old phrase about electric cars being no more environmentally friendly because they plug into power that comes from burning coal. Wrong! Tesla (which now sells more cars than the Ford Motor Company) car owners can charge up for free at stations that take their energy 100% from solar power. They also bypass ripoff car dealerships and purchase their car online. Furthermore, because the car doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, owners are not hijacked with expensive routine oil and filter changes in order to maintain the car warranty (another car dealership money making scam in these days of synthetic oils). Shrewd and pragmatic China recently made a decision to invest 476 Billion Dollars (AUD) into renewable energy by 2020. Why would they do that if renewable energy was not cost efficient and better for their country as a whole? Last time I checked there was no ‘Green Party’ in China. Big oil has led us into wars and polluted our planet for way too long. I’ve heard first hand accounts of people dying prematurely in China because of smog. I think that the Chinese are smarter than most Westerners give them credit. Forget the spiel you hear from the radio shock jocks, Renewable energy is the way of the future. #RenewableEnergy #SolarPower #HarnessTheSunsEnergy #Tesla #ElonMusk

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