cherish the comedians

the comedians will say it like it is. the religious people too often cast moral judgment. their faces look like they’ve just eaten a lemon and too many prunes. they walk like they’ve got a cork shoved up their bum. If you happen to become the subject of their subjugation, in spite of their toothy smiles and love speak, you might notice a certain madness in their eyes (the comedians have this too). the religious will act like they’ve got everything sorted out, they will be careful with what they say. these people have an exclusive and highly thought out moralistic narrative towards life and their fellow humans. 

the comedians will most likely speak their words freely and they will openly admit they are grasping their way through it all, trying to understand the complexities of life.

they will almost certainly offend your sensibilities, but if you can come to a place in your life where you realise you haven’t figured everything out, perhaps you can take stock and realise that you are on a new humble road. be open to this new way of thinking, maybe none of us know what the meaning of life is, but at least we can have a laugh along the way. since at the end we all die, a good laugh every now and then is no bad thing… and you’ll be more comfortable without the cork in your bum. 

One thought on “cherish the comedians

  1. So,you have tried the cork and I assume are speaking from experience,or you just assume the the cork is not comfortable. Either way one should not assume a given without trying it yourself. The only thing I can suggest,is don’t eat baked beans before you do so. 🦋🦋

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