cheeky winking hearts

My true love looks my way, she gives a knowing smile, her heart cheekily winks towards mine, the meaningfulness in her eyes radiates from the depths of her true self. It is a confident reciprocated grin that says ‘I totally get you’. 

Her eyes tell me that she accepts everything that is me. The touch of her hand upon mine sends a warm glow of electricity towards my heart. Her love Is a powerful substantive force that blows away the cobwebs of doubt and self loathing from my frail ego self.

Deep calls unto the deepest abyss, something beckons me to cast off any hindrances to this ridiculous crazy love with full abandonment and lust filled desire. It demands I give everything I have to this impossibly dangerous yet beautifully sublime union. 

My mind recognises it is a risk, do I dare give all? Can I project and receive something so deep, honest and truthful? Am I capable of giving so much? 

But my heart and mind finds her sweet call impossible to resist. I realise that the opposite of full communion with my love is destitution, a directionless road that leads to confusion, jealousy and deceit. A place where the false ego rules the heart and one settles for second best. I also realise that anything less than all with my love equals little more than nothing.

So as it was in the beginning, I give all to my love, we exhilarate in our coming together, we find our fulfilment, our inner selves are content and despite the raging storms of life our union is bliss. 

Then our thankful hearts wink and grin knowingly as we exchange our cheeky smiles towards one another and laugh on the inside.

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