i’d be happy

If I could free float in space, above the whole human race, filling the void, not suffering with haemorrhoids, I’d be happy.
Oh the wishes I could make, like eating fruit flan cake, F1 from the grandstand, watching Abba on bandstand. Nothing grinding my gears, just having a few beers, I’d be happy. 
Roast lamb on Sundays, so many fun days, sleeping in a warm bath, wearing a Scottish scarf. Having hair once again, and a Mini Clubman, these are such things, that makes my heart sing. I’d be happy. 
Sitting at home chillin’, writing songs just like Dylan, having toasty grilled tomato n’ cheese, not having crook knees, a cup of tea with my lady, somewhere that’s shady, a quick game of tennis, having pizza in Venice, I’d be happy.  
A skinny tummy, no flab on my chin, a hot spa to soak myself in, tickets to Paris away with my love, drinking champagne in a plane high above, I’d be happy. 
And when I prepare to take my last breath, I’ll smile to myself as I enter my rest, all the things I have seen all the places I’ve been, reminiscing again of eating lamb shanks, I’ll lie there content with a heart full of thanks, I’ll be happy.

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