“Christianity” is a word used to indicate a particular religious system for knowing God through the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. However, the religion and the person are often two very different and unrelated things. This isn’t unique to Christianity. Human beings have a track record for turning spiritual truth into a belief system, and corrupting, diluting or abandoning the core truth of the teacher they claim to faithfully follow. Jesus was an expression of the truth, and through his life and teachings many have discovered the truth for themselves. There is only one truth and one reality, but there have been many who have born witness to, spoke, lived and demonstrated it. The important thing is to embrace what is true and real for yourself. It’s not necessary to make a religion out of how you discovered it. Simply live it. Enjoy it. Be it. Express it. What made Jesus different is that he lived the truth. He even once said, “I am the truth.” Don’t pawn off this statement off as some sort of claim to exclusivity on the part of Jesus. That’s the convenient and easy way out. Jesus didn’t want followers, but if you want to truly embrace what he taught, you’re going to have to be the truth yourself. Stop worshiping Jesus. Start being Jesus by being the truth yourself.”

– Jim Palmer

3 thoughts on “christianity

  1. Stories, diluted and twisted over the years, Jim Palmer loses credibility when he says Jesus didn’t want followers, just another crackpot making shit up.

    1. Dear Nurdler, are you serious? (just another crackpot making shit up) ha ha. Tell me where in the gospels Jesus asked to be worshiped? Also answer me this, where else apart from him appointing his 12 Galilean followers does he indicate that he wants everyone in the world at that time and for all future generations to follow him? Christianity has very successfully added much mythology of the Jesus story over the years to enable control of the masses. Jim Palmer simply points out that Jesus came to free people from the domination of religion… and then we made a religion out of Jesus!

  2. Hallo Donovan, I accidentally stumbled upon your website when I was looking up my cousin with the dame name. I wholeheartedly agree with you but have come to the realization not everybody does. I think years and years of brainwashing has corrupted our memes. We are all products of our environment. When you realise that, you are truly free.

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