suck the juice out of life

  I am no less human than all of my brothers and sisters. I am not a robot, I have reasonable needs and human desires. I also have my coping mechanisms just like we all do. One thing I have recently come to understand is this; the importance for me to enjoy my existence before my body and my mind finally capitulates to decay. Watching my elderly father succumb to dementia has been a good teacher. There is the stark realisation that this could be me one day. Admittedly he was, and is a selfish man, and I know I’m guilty of this too. Sure, I will continue to give of myself in various ways in the best way I know how. But I now have a renewed commitment to suck the juice out of life. The pursuit of life, love and all things good is not a bad thing, neither is it for the faint of heart. Some will judge my journey unfairly l but I care not. I will press forward towards the pursuit of those things that I consider worthy, authentic and life enriching.

One thought on “suck the juice out of life

  1. Absolutely!!!! As someone who has only in the last few years learned to ‘suck the juice out of life’, all I can say is I wish I had done this sooner. I still have so much knowledge to gain, curiosity to satiate, places to travel and people to meet….!

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