AAEAAQAAAAAAAANGAAAAJGYwYjlmY2IwLWFiZjctNDA1OS1iMDdhLWUyNDJmZDQ1YTlkOAYOU are the light of the world. YOU are the pearl of great price. YOU are a city on a hill. YOU have the power of the just and good dominion of creation living inside. YOU are a seed that will bear luscious and tasty fruit. YOU are as the magnificence of the waters of the ocean that cover our earth. YOU are immeasurably beautiful and wise. YOU drink a sweet tasty water that quenches your thirst. YOU are gold that has been covered in soil. YOU are love to all of your brothers and sisters. YOU are fully connected to God and the universe; just like a branch that is connected to a vine. YOU do not need to fear anything; the peace of God rests strongly within your innermost being. YOU are fully connected to all living things and everything that exists. YOU are good, yes; you are very, very good. YOU are LOVE and YOU are divine.

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