love one another 

  I have met a number of Christian people of late who steered the general conversation with me towards their great concern concerning acceptance of gay marriage, I’m sure they were thinking I’d be right on board with their thoughts. I don’t like conflict, but they picked the wrong person. 

Christian people who rally against full LGBQT acceptance do not understand Paul’s words that in Christ there is no male or female. Fully inclusive ideas like these had first century people (very unfortunately) crucified. This is the true Spirit of Jesus which stands in stark contrast to the Roman Janus faced (double faced) God now worshipped by many well meaning but judgmental Christian people. 

Why don’t we get this? Jesus only rallied against religious people. The same ones who accused him of being sinful because of those he associated with. To Jesus they were just his friends, beautiful humans like him, fully loved and accepted by God. If there is such thing as a Jesus religion then it cannot be morality based. It could only be positioned upon kindness and full acceptance. 

I can’t begin to imagine how many beautiful young Gay and Lesbian men and women have committed suicide as a direct result of being rejected by their Christian parents (but I know it is many). Way too much needless damage has been done, we are too slow to learn.

We now live in the 21st century. It is time for us to move forward in the spirit of love, kindness and acceptance towards all people. No more ‘them and us’, no ‘holy vs unholy’, stop the judgment! We are all human beings, struggling to better ourselves in this life, perfect in our divinity, oftentimes with flawed mindsets but very greatly loved. 

Let us truly begin to learn the meaning of “Love one another”.

One thought on “            love one another 

  1. Love and be loved… gay, straight, trans etc. We are all human with the desire for love and acceptance at our core.

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