get a little moisture between your toes

Trish and I had a great experience today. Bonding with our new little guys at the local YMCA Aquatic centre. We had great fun, made a lot of noise, there was much splashing of H2O and not caring about some looks from a few of the more reserved younger parents. 

I admit, we were probably a little too loud, wrinkly, old and exuberant. But I actually think we brought in a good buoyant vibe to that place. 

Trish and I generally take pride in our appearance and how we are perceived by others. However, when it comes to our our interactions with our children, we probably couldn’t care less. We are rowdy and we do life as best and boisterously as we can. For the most part, we try to have a good time. 

There were some other parental guardians who sipped their latte’s and had their eyes intermittently glued to their iPhones. However in all honesty I cannot judge them too harshly. For that was me not too long ago. Sitting in a plastic chair, trying to do my duty as a Dad. But I was really just a lukewarm Father, checking updates and sometimes even snoozing a little. It is not the best place to be. 

I think it is much better to feel a little moisture between your toes. Get wet, live life with passion and exuberance. Bond with your children and your loved ones. This is the only way to truly live your life. 

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