Who are the Kings and Queens?

Those who make children and animals feel loved and secure are the true Kings and Queens of this world. These beautiful people are of the highest order. This is the spirit of the earthly heaven spoken about in millennia past. 

You will find that in many cases animal souls love you more than humans might be capable. 

This is because love does not require much intelligence, love is from our most innermost being. I greatly doubt that animals are less inferior in respect of love, I see the love in their eyes.

I heard that a wise man once said: “the least of these” would be be blessed. Me and my dog Winston are the least of these. But we are also the most. We are truly blessed.

I will tell you a secret that Judai/Christian/Muslim religion will try to hide. YOU, ME, Winston and everyone one of us on this beautiful blue planet share a common bond. Religion is about separation, apparently if you do a certain thing like confession, baptism or go to Mecca you will be saved. Love is way less complicated. It does not need to make any judgment, it is fully inclusive.  

We may not realise it right now, but we are all connected, we are all one, crowns are not required, we have each other. 

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