a new day is dawning 

As we progress further into the 21st century, I envision a lot more young people taking up leadership roles in society than we have seen in the past. Traditionally, leaders in business, politics, the arts and spirituality have been those in their older years. Not that older people like me don’t have much to contribute! Far from it, we are a treasure trove of wisdom from whom our young ones can learn much. But I think that young people these days generally have very well thought out opinions and ideas.

In my generation, we sourced a lot of our information from newspapers, TV, radio, magazines and books. Information was much more filtered than we see today. These days the younger generation have access to information from almost unlimited sources. They read and see a lot more varying perspectives, they observe the world from a more universal context. Of course anyone can have blinkered thinking, but for the most part, I think our young people have very well thought out ideas and narratives towards life, politics, spirituality, science and humanity. This is a good thing.

The world is in good hands, we will continue to progress, our world will become a better place.
So I strongly encourage you young people to take up the mantle of worthy change wherever you see fit. This is commendable. It won’t be easy and it won’t necessarily win you any fame in the here and now. The current state of the world is a result of all of the decisions, choices and actions of every human being that has ever lived and lives now. Our destiny is by no means a foregone conclusion, it is clearly up to us to make the world a better place for the next generation.

So shine your light in the darkness, turn night to day, spread your life giving message to this war weary planet of ours. A new day is dawning. It will be good. It will be very good. 

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