It will grind your face into the dirt, you will taste its bitterness, yet it will also fill your head with wonders. At times you will feel ecstasy, you will suck out every sweet and fragrant juice from its fruit with lust filled desire, your heightened senses will extract all it can. At other times you will feel nothing at all, a deep emptiness, almost oblivion. 

You will revel in all of life’s sophistication and finery, then you will give of yourself continuously until you have nothing left, even for yourself.

There will be times when all you feel is a darkness so deep and thick that it almost paralyses you. Eventually you will set your heart like stone and walk through it step by step, until finally you feel the warmth of the sun on your face. 

There will be great joy, laughter and unspeakable happiness, then confusion, feelings of inadequacy, as if everyone understands but you. You will feel much pain, physical and emotional. You will feel unloved, uncared for, misunderstood, at times even by those who are most close to you. These can be the darkest of times and also the most confusing. 

You will have deep thoughts and strong emotions, but no way to express them. You will cry out on the inside and no-one will hear you.  

You and me are human beings, we think, we feel, we hear, we see, we smell, we taste. This is life, it is messed up and it is bliss, I am thankful for my existence, we all are, you and me, it is crazy, screwed up and sublime, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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