how to change the world

One of my favourite sayings is one that I first heard from my friend Joshua Tongol. It goes something like this: ‘Gold that is covered in mud is still valuable’. Do you realise that is you? When you were born you were perfect and without sin. 

Although your parents probably tried the best they could, things happened that made you feel unloved and worthless. Someone said you were bad or no good, things happened that made you shrink on the inside and die a thousand deaths. YOU are as that metaphorical gold that is covered in mud. 

How do you start the process of washing the mud off? Here is a practical start that you might like to try, it may seem a little ridiculous but please bear with me and keep in mind that I’m Australian, these sorts of things don’t go down easily in my blokey, macho culture. 

Firstly, you need to realise who you really are, your true self is beautiful, perfect and blameless. Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself, naked or clothed it doesn’t matter. Wrap your arms around yourself if you think that might help. You are no less beautiful than those various smiling, dazzling naked people in a black and white Dove advertisement. 

Don’t be embarrassed to use your name. Tell yourself that you are perfect, stunning and amazing. Choose your own adjectives, lash out and praise yourself with passion! Using your own own name, tell yourself how much you are loved, then forgive yourself for anything you have done that you think may have hurt others or hindered your own growth and wellbeing. 
Use this narrative as a template for your life and how you will continue to think of yourself. Then think and speak about others the same way. If you do, you might just change the world.

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