who is my father?

In my early Christian days we used to sing a song called ‘Father Abraham’. It spoke of us being his sons. Well Jewish people say they are descendants of Abraham too, maybe rightfully so. Christian, Muslim and Jewish people all appropriate their spiritual lineage from him. Maybe he was a good bloke, I don’t know. But I know that I don’t care too much for the heritage of ancient middle eastern men these days. Thankfully modern society has progressed far beyond that sort of thinking.

My father is Gordon Shaw. He was a boxer, brawler, WW2 sailor, hard headed drinking man, deep thinker, somewhat a comedian (in his own funny mind), a product of his generation and his tough Scottish/Irish tradition. He could be very difficult, was someone you didn’t mess with. He could also be loving at times but was often harsh. He fought and often succumbed to his own demons, we were often at odds but in our later years have somewhat reconciled. I never met Abraham. I only know Gordon.

Now in his late 80’s he suffers Alzheimer’s and is often lost in his own little world. I’ll stick to what I know, learn from him his mistakes, pick up his pieces of wisdom here and there, add to it then try to pass that on the my children. Religion is meaningless to me now. But life with those I love, my wife, my parents, my children, brothers and sisters… well, that really means something. 


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