freedom, love, compassion and true equality

I believe in marriage equality. A lot of my friends do not, I do respect their right to hold these views. I’ve heard many arguments: “Let them live together but don’t call it marriage”. I have heard it said that if we allow gay people to marry it may open the door towards all sorts of horrible activities like bestiality and whatnot. That is an argument that is dehumanising and hard to respect. I don’t think anyone is planning to marry their dog or cat anytime soon. I really love my Winston but I’m not ready to take that step lol!

Let’s be serious, we are all human beings, in all our splendour and glory, we are all different, we all have crap that we carry, some twisted mindsets here and there. But we all carry an inner radiance that is sublime and divine. This is regardless of our choices and regardless of our sexual orientation. As human beings we all deserve the right to be equally and legally recognised in regard to the choice of our life partner. Religion might say otherwise but true love, acceptance and compassion contravenes this.

I know a multitude of good Christian men who love their wives deeply, I’ve also known some who have physically and verbally abused them. They did this at the same time as hypocritically having strong opinions towards those apparently sinful Gay people. Yes, those terrible ungodly people who are trying to steal the sacred institution of marriage away from them!

We all have our faults and misgivings. I know gay couples who have love towards each other no less than loving Christian couples I’ve met. Jesus rallied strongly against religious paradigms that separated and judged people they somehow considered less than them. In those days it was Samaritans, tax collectors and prostitutes. Maybe today amongst other things it is those seeking marriage equality. I believe the issue of marriage equality should have more to do with compassion towards our fellow human beings than trying to protect our so called Christian rights.

In 1958 Martin Luther King Jr declared,
“When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person, that society has cut off a segment of my freedom.”

I’m throwing my hat in the ring towards freedom, towards compassion, towards love and true equality for all of my fellow human beings.

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