i’m the only self i’ve got

Surrender my fears to the self of my dreams, flying over the voice in my head. Embrace the beast, play with him, he’s got nothing on me, it’s all just pretend. 

I kiss you, embrace you, but fuck off now, you’ve got nothing on me. I caress you, feel you, then away with your negative shit. I invite you into my heart, then strangle the breath out of you, you are my good friend, the one I use and truly despise. 

Love and hate wins me over, fear bound no more. Me, I’m just me, I can be my true self, the one my mother gave birth to, like floating in embryonic fluid, no guilt, no remorse, it’s heaven, not hell, I rest in my perfect self. 

I’ll cry for myself, then love to excess, so much crap, so much beauty here, my heart breaks then explodes, can’t keep it in, waves pound my body against the rocks, I scream in pain, close my eyes, float on the soothing water, soothe my soul, gives me peace, I rest in peace, I am peace. 

I’m not sorry for any of it, it doesn’t matter, accepting myself, everything I am, the good, the bad, the light, the dark, the indifference, the crazy, I’m good with it all, learning to know who I really am, soothes my soul, radiating love, I rest in love, I am love. 

Because I’m just me, no better than the best, no worse than the rest, I’m good at being me, proud of all I am, there’s no one else in here, I’m the only self I’ve got, soothing me, I am me, I rest in me. 

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