write the bloody song

I think that everyone probably has one good song in them. It is within you, you’ve just got to let it out. If you have a secret desire to write a song then simply start writing stuff down. So you don’t play a musical instrument? Doesn’t matter, just sing the tune in your head, record it on your phone. Come back to it later, hone the lyrics, make it better, play with it, change things around, poke and probe, caress its subtleties. It might take a week, it might take twenty years, it doesn’t matter. You are an amazing person, believe me when I say you have a voice, something meaningful, something lighthearted, something enigmatic, something beautiful, something awesome, something that the world needs to hear. But please understand that the song won’t magically appear. Infinite creative output is lost because of non effort. You need to create it. When you do it will fill your heart with happiness. Maybe you will sing it just to yourself, in your own sweet heart and head, your lover or to your Grandchildren, or your dog. Maybe it will be a big hit, who knows? It does not matter, just write the bloody song. That’s what I’m going to.

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