my amazing life

I have had an interesting life. Here are some of things that I have done:

I have climbed Mt Everest, dined with the Queen of England, spent a winter in the Antarctic, I once wrestled and defeated a saltwater crocodile. I played the part of a villain in a James Bond Movie, raced a Formula 1 car through the streets of Monaco, rescued people from torture, rape and distress, defeated bullies with my fists, visited orphans in Africa with Audrey Hepburn, healed sick people by the power of my word and the touch of my hand. I have traveled to other galaxies and survived nights in The Amazon with no provisions, most amazingly of all I have eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken and felt wholesome and healthy afterwards. (Okay that last one was total fantasy).

When I was a child my parents joked and called me Walter Mitty. I had no idea who they were referring to, it didn’t matter. My first grade teacher wrote on my report card “Donovan daydreams a lot and has a vivid imagination”. I’ve done some amazing things in my life.

You might call me delusional, but many of these things have a certain sense of reality to me. Am I crazy? Maybe a little, but that’s okay, I love my life. I love the reality and I love the fantasy. Sometimes they cross over and the lines are blurred. It’s all good as far as I am concerned, this vivid creative way of living my life is extremely interesting and it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

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