do you know who you are?


 Warmongers like to dehumanise people. Hitler labelled the Slavic people, Jews, Gypsies and many others ‘sub-human’ and his SS henchmen murdered many of them as a result. How disgusting is that? To dehumanise people is the worst of sins. But let us not just point our finger at the Hitlers and Stalins of this world. We do it too, to others and even to ourselves. What a tragedy.

 I believe in goodness, kindness and love. The innate built-in love that resides within each one of us and the knowledge that we are one with all creatures, nature, “God” and humankind. 

False mindsets will tell us otherwise. We have a good and strong foundation for life. It is enough. We don’t need religion, church, temples, mosques, synagogues, a guru or any books to tell us this. 

Understanding the truth of who we really are and grasping hold of the reality of our great intrinsic value helps enable a life that is wonderful and liberating. Despite our ongoing struggles it is possible to experience true happiness.

 It is not arrogant to say that we each have a type of “God” nature. God is love and love is patient and kind and all of the attributes of humility and total goodness. That is who we really are. Do you believe that? 

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