renew your twisted mindsets

You true self is of great value, your life is of great worth. You may not see it, but it is true nonetheless. Gold that is covered in mud still retains it’s intrinsic value.

Renew the twisted mindsets that you hold on to, the ones that tell you that you are not good enough, also the ones that tell you that you are better than others, the mindsets that diminish your beautiful humanity, and the worth of others. You truly are good enough and much, much more.

Pursue that which is meaningful to you. Do not lock your mind into thought patterns that say you are this or that, believer, unbeliever, theist, agnostic, atheist, calathumpian or whatever. Doing so may inhibit your mind and spirit to new ideas and experiences.

My journey of shedding religion has caused me to feel like an atheist towards a God that (apparently) burns people for eternity, yet I wouldn’t label myself an atheist because I still believe in some sort of magic in the universe. I see and sense this magic everyday, in animals, connections with people, and I feel it deep inside. This magic is in things like quantum physics and the many mysteries of science and life that we do not yet understand.

Most importantly I still believe in goodness, kindness and love. The innate built-in love and knowledge that I am one with all of nature, “God” and mankind. This is a wonderful and liberating way to feel. Life is good, it is very, very good.

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