It is a horrible, demonic and evil beast.
Colour it with pretty flags, discipline, precisely timed marching, nicely tailored uniforms, hats, bagpipes, trumpets, drums, salutes, medals, tradition with emotional attachments, armour plating, rapid fire bullets, fast ships, jet fighters with a carbon fibre structure carbon, heat seeking missiles and other technology that boggles the mind. Yet its evil, life diminishing and beastly nature does not change.

Is it ever truly right to cause suffering or to torture another human being?

Let’s throw some manly chest thumping pride into the mix. We know that man has a warlike nature that is a nasty recipe for holocaust and untold suffering. We have indulged this ugly beast for way to long.

In the modern age it’s not just soldiers that suffer. Children, women and the elderly are all legitimate targets.

I have British heritage, so in WW2 we were the ‘good guys’, or so I was told. Yet it was necessitated for us to be on the side of Stalin, the murderer of many millions. Our primary enemy was a nation that had a strong Christian heritage, Gott mit uns (God with us) was inscribed on their belt buckles. We went to war because Poland was invaded. Yet at the end of hostilities Poland was still unfairly enslaved for another decade.

Dig a little deeper. We sent flying machines over lands to incinerate untold thousands of innocent people, men, women and children. The hellish skin scorching fires caused the body fat of innocents to flow in the cobblestoned streets of the so called enemies European cities. (Google Düsseldorf andHamburg RAF bombings). At various times the people on our side also raped and pillaged. Yes, to a barbaric and horrendous degree. Hitler and the the Nazis acted unconscionably and with great treachery, they needed to be stopped, but we also need to accept that the so called good guys also caused untold suffering. War has no true victors. We and all humankind are the ultimate losers in the power plays of the nations.

War is sweet to some, the mongerers and profiteers delight in its fruit, yet to the suffering masses it is a bitter concoction of untold tortures and miseries. Greed, avarice, power mongering and retribution are its birthright. Goodness can never be its offspring. Retribution is always the enemy of love.

Do we teach our children dominance by force? No, of course not, our hearts tell us that this is wrong.

Humankind continually chooses to have a war-like nature, but we can choose a better way. Thankfully in the 21st century there are some positive signs emerging.

I look forward to a new world, the world my Grandchildren will enjoy, we will beat our metaphorical swords into plowshares, our technology will heal rather than maim, we will advance our technology towards helping rather than hurting. This is already happening, we have entered a beautiful new world. A new world that is up to each and every one of us to create. We have the power to do it, and I know that we will, and I know that it will be sweet and beautiful.

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