The Funny French Woman

There are many these days looking for followers. Followers on IG, FB, Twitter et al. Some people pay money for followers to boost their fragile egos. I was there once. These days I’m looking for connections, connections like the one my wife and I had with a hilarious Frenchwoman who was closing a boutique clothing shop in Nice today after 30 years because business is almost non existent. Her exuberant personality made my day and I doubt I will ever forget her. Real connections, with my loved ones, like the many I had with love of my life today, spontaneous, unique and sublime.

This evening a young and attractive blond woman wrote a comment on a photo I posted on IG: “Message me ASAP!” Okay, I have a message for her and maybe for you too, this is it: ‘Love intensely, smile a lot, cry when you need to and shine your beautiful light to the world’. Just like the funny French woman did to me. I think the world really does need it. You’re welcome, and so am I!

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