If God Is All Powerful, Why Doesn’t He Intervene When A child Is Being Raped?

When I was younger I spent some time in bible college in North Queensland. I was taught that God is Omnipotent (having unlimited power), Omniscient (knows everything) and Omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time). If you or I had these attributes and we saw a child being raped and tortured we would definitely step in and do something about it. Isn’t that true? Of course we would, any half decent person would. So here is my question: If God is actually a real person and has these amazing attributes then why doesn’t he do anything about all of these sick evil deeds being perpetrated in the world right now?!? In my honest opinion, all of the stock standard Christian answers I have heard all fall way, way short. Maybe you can enlighten me? But think about this for just a moment…  If however “God” is invisible (the bible says he is), is the energy that makes up all matter, exists in all living things, (the bible says “in him we live and move and have our being”), and not an actual ‘person’ like us, then maybe that makes more sense. Does it let “GOD/US” off the hook? I don’t know, but it does seem reasonable to assume that if “God” is IN US living AS US, then WE (not some Zeus like being in Heaven) are responsible for the suffering that takes place in this world. WE can do something about it. When Jesus said that WE are the light of the world, the salt of the earth, that the Kingdom of God is in US (not in some far away distant heavenly place), he was clearly putting the onus of authority upon humankind. My wife wants to adopt disabled orphans from China. Maybe we should, maybe these sorts of acts are where the true kingdom of heaven begins. Loving one another, counting all humankind as our neighbours (rather than enemies), working to spread love and kindness to all. We, all of us, have the ability to overcome the suffering that takes place in the world. This is what we should do.

3 thoughts on “If God Is All Powerful, Why Doesn’t He Intervene When A child Is Being Raped?

  1. Thanks for sharing I’m new to your blog I don’t know how I found you but I’m glad I did. Very good article it seems to me the questions on life, spirituality, God never cease to amaze me. Yet I find more now that the answer is US now it is just a matter of working it out.

  2. I do not know God’s plans but I have a theory that he acts as a loving father.
    He left us the key to our life and expect on our actions, regardless of our failures.
    And the pain of a child is now our responsibility, not his. He love and welcome this child whatever happens.
    According to the Gospels, it is written that his kingdom is not of this world. So it’s up to us to make it better and it’s no point in being angry about God who do nothing.
    Also, in my vision, misfortunes are seen as much of a chance to show our compassion, our love.
    War, hatred, stealing and lying are only the result of our actions, not his.
    We received the keys of his hands and he wait patiently our goodwill.
    So what are we waiting?

    PS : Voila, voila, je suis français et I used Google translation to help me.
    Désolé 😉

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