Red Wine In Jakarta and a Man Called Max

Tonight I met a man called Max. I don’t know his last name, I like Max, he is very Sanguine, he is Chilean, he’s probably older than me but looks younger. Tonight he is wearing a stylish lightly checkered brown jacket, nice leather shoes, open neck business shirt and expensive watch.

He is also slim, has a glint in his eyes, olive complexion and good American looking teeth that makes you want to smile back in gleaming white dental co-operation. I think it’s time for me to buy a teeth whitener.

When he talks to you he has a way of making you feel special and valued. If I was a woman or gay I could possibly fall for Max. He was also very gracious when I accidentally picked up his glass of wine and began to swirl it around like a total doofus. “Ahh that is my glass of wine Don”. Oops sorry Max.

Sitting in a very trendy upmarket Indonesian restaurant with low lights and pumping music I watched Max doing the rounds, he’s exceptionally good. Chilean wines are probably not big in Jakarta, Max is changing that. In Twenty years time I’m sure Koyle Family Vineyard Wines will have good market share in Indonesia. That’s because Max is making that happen now. He loves his hometown Chilean wines and he loves talking to people.

He chatted to me for about twenty minutes about Australia, Chile, Sydney, Jakarta, good food but mostly red wine. I’m admittedly the worst person to talk to about wine. I told him I wasn’t a wine connoisseur but I stuck my nose in my glass, vigorously inhaled and swished and aerated that rouge liquid like the best of them, my fragile ego really wanted to try and impress my very sophisticated Chilean friend.

We discussed the differences between Australian and Chilean reds. He told me that Australian reds have more body. I have more body than Max too but that’s a moot point. I’m not sure if he really understood my self depreciating sense of humour.

I watched in fascination and learned a few things from Max. He confidently and gleefully connected with every person at every table, no one seemed to mind the intrusion, he was selling a product, but he did it in such a way that people were quite happy to oblige his obsessive South American wine talk.

He’s a clever man, he found one of the most happening restaurants in Jakarta, worked with them to design a “Wine Pairing Dinner”, then happily walked around with his glass of red and did his thing. Max has found his niche, he loves what he does and it’s a little infectious.

People like Max encourage me to step out of my comfort zones, look for new opportunities, be creative and enjoy what I do.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy a tailored suit and a bottle of fine Chilean wine. I might need to reduce my “body” a little too. Thanks Max, thanks a million.

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