abdul and a cute little beast called ralph

New Testament 3 Production Still Photography

That good wise Jewish fella Jesus once told a nice little story about a middle eastern bloke who probably lived a good 2000+ years ago from where we sit in history. Apparently this bloke lost one of his little creatures, a charming but brainless, defenseless and scared little beast. For the sake of things let’s just say this blokes name was Abdul and the little beasts name was Ralph. This sounds okay to me, when I lived in Townsville I had a cat called Ralph. He was a bit temperamental though, but I Ioved him all the same. A bloke called Abdul also installed my Foxtel, he had a groovy moustache, an even temperment but I didn’t like his taste in music.

Anyway bad job Abdul the sheep herder! You were probably inconveniently distracted checking FB,Twitter or IG on your iPhone and were being a little neglectful, but hey things happen, and I know, it’s good to connect with people. So anyway… as the story goes our good mate Abdul threw down his lamb… beef Kebab wrap with hummus and tabouli (on leaven challenged pita bread of course), left his other ninety nine little lambies to find the brainless runaway.

Abdul was very concerned that Ralph would be gruesomely and horrifically eaten alive by a wolf… you know, blood, intestines and all that.. sort of reminiscent of a Walking Dead Episode based in New Zealand, not pretty. Then… Abdul’s heart leaped with excitement and he caught a distant glimpse of Ralph. As Abdul approached his beloved brainless little beast he didn’t ask him to come to him or request that Ralph ‘believe in the greatness of Abdul’. The lamb wasn’t really smart enough anyway. Abdul was exultant! He grabbed Ralph and put him on his shoulders. Abdul then came back dancing Gangnam Style in great exultation and happiness (but hopefully not flashing too much of his crown jewels). The lost little lamb was happily reunited with the ninety nine safe ones. I should add that it is highly unlikely that Abdul would have had lamb stew that night, his well developed ancient conscience would have made sure he waited at least a few nights before enjoying such a delectable feast, but at least he could sit back and relax knowing that 100% of his sheep were safe.

NOW dear friend… you are wise and educated so you know this is not a real story, it is metaphorical, it is allegorical, so don’t lecture me about how lambs get led to slaughter or some such thing… but I suppose we all die one day anyway……HOWEVER! This little story IS meant to demonstrate some truths, I think it’s a message to religious people who erroneously think they have a monopoly on God’s favour and love, Yet it’s also a message of hope to those who feel lost and afraid.

So here is the punchline: Sadly much of Religion and Christianity will tell you that maybe 10% of humankind will make it to the awesomeness of the afterlife. The rest will make it to the afterlife too, unfortunately they will be dreadfully tortured forever in some horrible Dante’s Inferno type of furnace. Ideas like this are just worldly religious rubbish., and quite disgusting actually, but we all know better than that don’t we?!?

The lost defenseless animal that Jesus spoke about could be symbolic of a prostitute who was abused by her father as a child and never knew true love, it could be the angry young man who hardly ever received a kind word of encouragement.

The allegorical good shepherd loves the least of these. He loves all and most importantly he leaves NONE behind. ALL are loved, ALL are accepted and ALL one with each other and the creator of ALL things.

In the knowledge of this great truth, please sit back, relax and enjoy your Lamb Kebab wrap with hummus and tabouli… and most importantly, don’t get distracted by social media, unless you’re reading one of my awesome posts 👍😜👌

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