When I lived In Jesusland


When I was living in Jesusland, there were things that I did and ways of relating to people that I now realise we’re wrong, I justified these ideas in my mind, but I now know that much of Christian ideology is not in line with the things Jesus taught. Much of it is man made religion.

Unfortunately Christian religion has a strong ‘them and us’ mentality. At its very worst it can be described as believe or burn. At its best it is groups of people giving their all to make the world a better place. There are many good things within the realms of Christian religion, a plethora of loving and kind people, genuinely dedicated towards helping the less fortunate and improving the lives of many. This is a good thing. If you take selected inspired biblical writings and teach these precepts to people then good can come of it.

There are probably hundred of thousands of home groups that meet weekly around the world and talk about the importance of things like wisdom, patience, love and kindness. There are many positive behavioural modification success stories. I was one of them…. and yet I knew something was not quite right.

When I was eighteen years old I had a spiritual encounter. I now realise that my encounter was real but my understanding of it was erroneous and flawed. My spiritual encounter told me I was unconditionally loved and accepted by the creator of the universe. I now understand that this love, this unconditional acceptance is totally in effect for all people, of all religions and of all nations.

The teachings of Religion demand you to do something to gain the acceptance of the creator. This may be ‘receiving Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour’ (a term not found in the bible), baptism, or any other such number of actions or ‘good works’.

Chritian religion will tell you that your heart is untrustworthy and deceitful. Don’t believe this. At the core of your being you are perfect and blameless. It is only our mindsets that are flawed.

Don’t go around telling people what they need to do to ‘get right with God’. Tell them who they already are. Perfect, blameless, fully accepted and loved. This is the true good news. There is no them and us, there is only all of us, connected, we are one.

If we believe these truths and act accordingly then the world will become what Jesus hoped it would.

It’s totally up to us.

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