I am a theist, but I understand that I could be wrong…

I am a theist, but I understand that I could be wrong. It’s possible that when I die I will cease to exist, however in my heart of hearts I don’t think this will be the case. I believe that in the coming ages I will spend time with (amongst others):Julius Caesar, Ghandi, Jesus, Florence Nightingale, my beautiful Grandmother and Grandfather, Hitler (yes even that dreaded evil Hitler), Anne Frank, the French guy who wrote Papillon, Winston Churchill, my highly intelligent atheist son, Christopher Hitchens, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Michael W (and Rhonda) Jones), Robin Williams, the Queen of England, my biological brothers, sisters, Audrey Hepburn, (don’t tell Trish!), children, foster children, Facebook friends, all my school friends, the dysfunctional bully at school who always wanted to fight me, my tormented alcoholic father, Twitter and IG friends and of course my lovely wife Trish Shaw (if she’s not weary of me already). I may be wrong, but the idea that I will one day meet and spend time with everyone who has ever lived brings sustenance and joy to my innermost being. There are some people that for certain reasons I don’t want to meet again. That’s okay, my belief is that these things will work themselves out in the ages to come, because in the end LOVE will prevail. None of the above mentioned people will suffer in some sort of (supposedly) divine torture chamber called Hell. That’s just bullshit. I am thankful to have LOVE in my heart and a hope for the future. In this life but also the life to come. Am I deceived? Maybe, but that’s okay, I love my life and am incredibly thankful for the amazing people I meet everyday. Peace to all.


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