Is it okay to be sick? Do I lack the faith to be healed?

Another great Blog Post from my friend Jim Palmer – this one on sickness and healing. This resonates as truth to me.

Jim Palmer


I often receive emails from people about the subject of healing, which motivated me to write the below post.

Our original, fundamental, eternal Self is a manifestation of the image, likeness and being of God. That Self is complete, whole, and permanent. That Self cannot be improved or diminished. That Self is in no need or improvement, transformation, or enlightenment. That Self took on a human mind and body in order to have a human experience, and to give human expression to that eternal Self. Unlike that Self, our human mind and body are not permanent. Our human body and mind changes, is shaped and impacted by our environment, circumstances, conditions and a variety of influences. The human mind and body deteriorates, is susceptible to illness and disease, and eventually stops functioning. Ultimately, we all die. This is part of the deal with respect to being human.

There are several things…

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