Think New

What is the message of Jesus? Did he want to start a new religion? I don’t think so. Did he want people to go to church every week and worship the God of the Old Testament? (as per the Jewish religion?) I don’t think so.

Did you know that Jesus never asked anyone to worship him? In many ways Orthodox western Christianity is a rehashed version of Roman Catholicism that it was supposed to have improved upon. It still teaches about a ‘god’ that apparently ‘loves’ us yet will abandon us for eternity if we don’t accept him in this life.

Jesus was the end of religion in the sense that religion is mankind trying to make it’s way to God or the Gods. The message of the gospel (good news) is encapsulated in the Greek word ‘metanoia’ – to think new.

Unfortunately the word metanoia is translated in the bible as ‘repent’. Religious people like to take a moral viewpoint in our understanding of the bible, this is what’s the religious leaders did to Jesus, they accused him of hanging around the people they liked to call “sinners”. I think that the sin we need to “repent”of is seeing ourselves as being separated from God and each other.

‘Think new’ in respect to the God of the universe. The living God is not some Zeus-like character in outer space somewhere. I’m an atheist to that insecure god who burns the ones that reject him. The living God lives in the soul and fabric of every human being.

Jesus said we are Gods (John 10:34), he said God is in each one of us. ‘Think new’ in relation to the idea that we are separated from God and each other. We are all one. Because of quantum physics we now know that this is true physically. I think it is also true spiritually. Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms if energy, frequency and vibration.

Maybe there really is a true living God, and maybe, just maybe he lives in the fabric of the smallest sub atomic particle. Think about it. If the world can grasp hold of the message of non separation then problems such as we have in Gaza and the Ukraine will disappear.

Think new people.

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