The New Awakening

I believe there is an amazing new awakening happening. It’s not religious and it is not subject to class, race, political persuasion or economic status. Some of the people involved are atheists, some are theists or somewhere in between. These people honour intellectual, spiritual honesty and promote goodwill to their brothers and sisters. I am very pleased to be connecting on social media with many of them. This interaction is causing me to think and live my life differently, and although I have forsaken many of the securities of religion, the people of the new awakening are a wonderful breath of fresh air. 

I can’t even imagine how wonderful the next 100 years will be as humankind learns to pursue truth, enjoys the new amazing discoveries of science and more fully honours and loves their intrinsically valued fellow human beings and all of creation. Welcome to the 21st century, it’s a brave wonderful new world!

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