Don’t make the world wrong

20140519-222334.jpgThis world is characterized by impermanence. All things in this human realm have a beginning, change, and have an end. The weather changes, our health changes, our thoughts and feelings come and go, relationships change, circumstances change, our beliefs and views change, our finances change, etc. Our unhappiness is a result of the mistaken notion that the source of true peace, freedom, and well-being is properly arranging the dynamics of our human situation. We cling to the way things are in this moment, and then suffer when they change as they always do.

This world is characterized by impermanence and no amount of God, spirituality, or enlightenment is going to change this. This is the way the human realm is supposed to be. The world and our human journey is not bad or wrong because of this, but it does require one to live mindfully of one Self, the one Life behind it all, and the true fundamental reality of all things. That fact that the world is characterized by impermanence should not be viewed negatively. Because the world is ever impermanent, it is an ever-creative world, and we have the opportunity and responsibility of creating it.

Jim Palmer

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