The Men In My Life

These are some of the men in my life. A few come from troubled abusive backgrounds, one has a debilitating illness, one regularly Skypes from the U.S. at sunrise with my son – greatly encouraging him. I meet regularly for coffee with one, we talk about everything, and he makes my troubles slip away. One is a Doctor of linguistics, highly intelligent but more importantly highly compassionate and truly inclusive, he has his finger on the pulse of Agape Love. One I have known for 30 years and we meet for lunch when I’m in Brisbane, he has a huge boisterous laugh that reflects his ‘grande’ heart of love. Another is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, he and his wife and my wife are heart friends forever. One is a full-time Pastor, he is genuinely the most outgoing compassionate, loving people person I have ever met.

All of them are progressive enlightened thinkers, intelligent, loving and exceptionally compassionate, all of them are my heroes, and although I have only met half of them personally, they have made me a better man, and I’m truly humbled and thankful that they are part of my life.


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