Chink of Light

Pooky's Poems

Life was getting darker,
Feeling bleaker by the day.
He couldn’t really manage,
He had truly lost his way.
He thought he’d like to end it all,
Make the pain all go away.
He couldn’t face the darkness,
Of another failed day.
Then a friend came up and asked him
How are things, are you okay?
And he nearly didn’t answer,
But his mood began to sway.
He saw the smallest chink of light,
He saw it in the way,
That his friend had held her hand out,
As she asked about his day.
He heard it in the way she clearly meant
Are you okay?
Not another platitude,
Not something just to say.
He could tell she really meant it,
So he found the guts to say:
Thanks so much for asking,
But in fact, I’m not okay.
She listened and she held him,
On this dark and failing…

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