Rob’s Destination

Systematic Foolery

“Television Evangelist Rob Burkley passed away today. He is known for starting Blessings Abundance Ministries and was the senior pastor of Risen Salvation mega church in Dallas…”

The transmission echoed through what seemed like eternity. He could hear the words as if it was being echoed through a vast cavern. He opened his eyes. Were his eyes blurry, or was the room full of smoke? He couldn’t tell. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in his favorite chair with the newspaper on his lap. As he sat up he rubbed his eyes.

“Carol? CAROL?”

No answer. He stood up and looked around. He could make out some images, but he wasn’t sure what he was looking at yet.

“HELLO!?!? ANYONE!?!?”

He felt a hand on his shoulder. He jumped and turned around. “Who are you,” he demanded.

“Easy Rob! I am your afterlife counselor! I am here to help…

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