Todd Takes Jesus To A Concert

I’m very pleased to Reblog this great post from Systematic Foolery…

Systematic Foolery

Todd was excited! His prayers were answered and Jesus decided to spend the evening with him. Todd thought he would take Jesus to something he would really enjoy, a Christian music concert. Todd was driving Jesus back home, and wanted to know how Jesus liked the concert.

“Wow! Wasn’t that amazing? I mean, Jesus, you had to love all those songs about you. To see a room of people adore you, love you, and sing songs about you! I know you already know, but the spirit was heavy in that place. Did you see the holy spirit? What did it look like during that one song when the whole crowd was singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’?”

Jesus smiled, “I’m glad you enjoyed it Todd. Thanks for taking me out.”

Todd looked at Jesus and smiled. “Wasn’t that awesome!?”

“Ya Todd, it was alright.”

Todd held his smile, but was confused. Trying…

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