A Message For Everyone


Every single person on the face of the planet is made in the image of our creator, our loving Heavenly Father, and we all have a true authentic self that is perfect and whole.

I see evidence for this in the songs that are written, the art that is created and the love expressed in a myriad of ways, every day, by so many.

Unfortunately this good and perfect true authentic self has been clouded by the stagnation and pollution of life. Religion doesn’t usually help, because it tells us that we are separated from God and each other. It tells us that we need to do something to gain union with God. This is a lie. We do not have to do anything. Praying or believing may enlighten you to the understanding that it is true, but it doesn’t change the fact either way.

We are all presently, inextricably and wonderfully connected to each other, the creatures in this world, and to God.

Live your life to the full extent of this wonderful understanding and immerse yourself in the knowledge of this truth. 

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