Do You Think I’m a Little Mamby Pamby?

welcome-to-mamby-pamby-landGod is Love. Everyone is Loved. All people and all living things (including my dog Winston) will eventually be reconciled to God. This is the ACTUAL good news that Jesus spoke about. Religion won’t tell you this but if you read between the lines and have understanding you will know this to be true. Does expressing the ideal of ‘LOVE’ make me less of a man? If you perceive me as somehow sort of mamby pamby because of my love inspired ideals you are very mistaken. If someone was to hurt my children or loved ones, my anger would be maligned against them, very strongly, at least for a time. If necessary, I would also defend my beloved ones with my life. I kid you not. If I was to play a game of Rugby League today, I would tackle and run as hard as anyone. If I saw someone being kicked and beaten by a gang on the street I would assuredly intervene. I also like V8 Holdens and eat meat pies. But I admit that some of these things are just plain silly and digress towards bravado and pomposity. More importantly, I am no longer afraid of what anyone thinks about me. I am greatly loved by my wife, friends and family, and to my mind that is what matters most. Yet I also know that there is something in this world that is intrinsically good and exists within the fabric of everybody I meet. Some might call this something ‘God’ or ‘Yahweh’ or our ‘true self’ or ‘the image of God’ or some other name. The name is not actually important. What is important is that we all have something in common. We are all humans, we are all loved and we need to somehow learn to love and live peaceably with each other. We need to find the common good, realise that we are all connected and strive to live at peace with everyone. We owe it to ourselves and our children to do this. Together we can truly reduce, and yes, even eliminate suffering in this world. If you believe it can’t be done then it won’t happen. but hey, how about we just forget the naysayers and bloody well do it. Yes? Good, even Winston agrees.

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