I Would Rather You Be an Atheist . . .

I am honoured to reblog this post by Rebecca Trotter. She has an amazing gift and is on the cutting edge of a new inclusive grassroots reformation movement that will one day take the world by storm. The words below means a lot to me on a personal level as they have helped me reconnect with someone who is very dear to me.

The Upside Down World

Some use the text to figure out what love means. Others use love to figure out what the text means. Totally different outcomes. ~ David Hayward aka nakedpastor

Last week, someone left a very long, very angry comment on one of my posts railing at what they saw as God’s cruelty, complete with many scripture quotes. I’m not entirely sure if he was an atheist or an angry believer. He probably thought I was going to argue with him. And I could have – the things he was pointing out are all issues I’ve dealt with and have my own understanding of. But instead, I told him that despite his clear fury at and disdain for the God he saw in those verses, I recognized him as a fellow traveler.

This was someone who refuses to accept cruelty and unforgiveness just because it’s been labeled “godly” and instead raises the cry…

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