a new day is dawning 

   As we progress further into the 21st century, I envision a lot more young people taking up leadership roles in society than we have seen in the past. Traditionally, leaders in business, politics, the arts and spirituality have been those in their older years. Not that older people like me don’t have much to contribute! Far from it, we are a treasure trove of … Continue reading a new day is dawning 

are you a cherry picker?

Occasionally a well meaning Christian friend will call me out for not believing the whole bible anymore. They might implicate that I cherry pick those Holy Scriptures to suit my own purposes. The truth is that only those who believe that the bible is the full ‘infallible’, ‘inerrant’ “word of God” are really guilty of cherry picking. They are quite happy to hear the love … Continue reading are you a cherry picker?

how to change the world

One of my favourite sayings is one that I first heard from my friend Joshua Tongol. It goes something like this: ‘Gold that is covered in mud is still valuable’. Do you realise that is you? When you were born you were perfect and without sin.  Although your parents probably tried the best they could, things happened that made you feel unloved and worthless. Someone … Continue reading how to change the world

wedding catastrophe’s, empty chairs and the beauty of life

  Dear Samantha,  I apologise in advance for this long-winded sentimental post. Since you and Michael do not have phones with you on your honeymoon, I envisage you will read this in a resort hotel lobby PC or one of those dodgy looking internet shops.  Yesterday you fulfilled your dreams and committed yourselves to be with your beloved Michael for the rest of your life. Your … Continue reading wedding catastrophe’s, empty chairs and the beauty of life