Is Believing in Hell Bad for Your Mental Health?

Today I am sharing an important and well-written article written by Mark Darling on 26th March 2017. Mark is from The Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. My father died last year and it has raised a lot of questions for me. You know what I mean. The big ones. Heaven. Hell. Consciousness. Eternity. The nature of being. And to be honest, the thing I’ve struggled … Continue reading Is Believing in Hell Bad for Your Mental Health?

War with North Korea

As North Korea continues to threaten it’s close neighbours with Nuclear missiles and the Trump Administration rattles the sabre, I want to share two links (posted below) to try and bring some balance the conversation. One is a very emotional and heartfelt plea from a brave young lady who has suffered much at the hands of the North Korean Dictatorship. The second link (‘Americans have … Continue reading War with North Korea

FU Big Oil

Recently I attended a party where someone repeated the worn out old phrase about electric cars being no more environmentally friendly because they plug into power that comes from burning coal. Wrong! Tesla (which now sells more cars than the Ford Motor Company) car owners can charge up for free at stations that take their energy 100% from solar power. They also bypass ripoff car … Continue reading FU Big Oil

the enemy is not hate, the enemy is fear 

These days I am not a big fan of most American Christianity… same goes for much Australian Christianity which has been heavily influenced by America… case in point, my mum became a Christian at a Billy Graham crusade and I eventually followed suit. Donald Trump won office with the help of the votes of the Christian religious right, but it is clear that he promotes … Continue reading the enemy is not hate, the enemy is fear 

the biggest problem with humanity right now

The biggest problem we have right now is us human beings not understanding that we are all equal. Each one of us have equal worth and equal value. Do I have more intrinsic value than a Muslim or a homeless person, the local butcher, or my neighbour next door? Of course not! The sooner that all human beings come to understand this fundamental truth then … Continue reading the biggest problem with humanity right now