the biggest problem with humanity right now

The biggest problem we have right now is us human beings not understanding that we are all equal. Each one of us have equal worth and equal value. Do I have more intrinsic value than a Muslim or a homeless person, the local butcher, or my neighbour next door? Of course not! The sooner that all human beings come to understand this fundamental truth then … Continue reading the biggest problem with humanity right now

      cheeky winking hearts

My true love looks my way, she gives a knowing smile, her heart cheekily winks towards mine, the meaningfulness in her eyes radiates from the depths of her true self. It is a confident reciprocated grin that says ‘I totally get you’.  Her eyes tell me that she accepts everything that is me. The touch of her hand upon mine sends a warm glow of … Continue reading       cheeky winking hearts


I have thought a lot about God in my life. Does he/she/it exist? Over the past five years or so I have gone through a process of deconstructing my Christian religious beliefs; this has not been without cost. I came to the conclusion that the God of Christianity is not the ‘good guy’. Well certainly not according to what the bible teaches anyway. Not unless … Continue reading GOD


“Christianity” is a word used to indicate a particular religious system for knowing God through the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. However, the religion and the person are often two very different and unrelated things. This isn’t unique to Christianity. Human beings have a track record for turning spiritual truth into a belief system, and corrupting, diluting or abandoning the core truth of the … Continue reading christianity