position yourself well

I believe in cause and effect… I used to believe much more in magical thinking, this was because of inherited religious beliefs, but even then I harboured certain suspicions.  So I reckon one of the things that will help you have a good life is to position yourself well.  If you trade and sell you will be frugal and calculated, well read, self educated… you … Continue reading position yourself well

I believe the children are our future

We all know that children are easily entertained, give them a cardboard box, textas, glue, glitter, some sticky tape and they’ll go berserk. But give them some sand, sunshine and water and they’ll go to cloud nine and paradise. This sort of activity costs very little. $20 for Petrol, Mum preparing water bottles, towels, sunscreen and snacks. Me loading up the trailer and doing a … Continue reading I believe the children are our future

what is your vibe?

I’m quite convinced that each one of us gives of a certain energy that effects others in various ways… good bad, inquisitive, motivational, indifferent, sexual, ridiculous, funny, bizarre, each of us with a combination of these and many other interesting states of being. Although this energy is not a physical thing, it certainly is tangible and does affect others and the quality of their lives … Continue reading what is your vibe?