Enter The Winklevoss Twins

Bitcoin has been around for 10 years now and has yet to become the the worldwide transactional money system many had hoped for. The reality is that Bitcoin is an excellent store of value and will one day be a rare commodity which may even eventually dethrone Gold as the worlds greatest store of value. It’s peer to peer transactional ability will still be highly … Continue reading Enter The Winklevoss Twins

Riding On The Sheep’s Back

Back in the day there was a saying in Australia; we ‘rode on the sheep’s back’. This was an acknowledgement of the fruition of breeding Merino ewes that adapted well to the harsh Australian climate producing wool we sent back to Great Britain. The ensuing prosperity gave us confidence and abundance, we went on to manufacture our own cars, lawn mowers and electrical appliances. As … Continue reading Riding On The Sheep’s Back

Cryptocurrency – The New Digital Asset Class

Wall Street and the big banks have now been accumulating Bitcoin and other digital assets dirt cheap ‘over the counter’ to fill their coffers for well over a year now in a depressed crypto market. At the same time they mostly continue to feed very negative anti Bitcoin news to the mainstream media… Bitcoin is a scam, Bitcoin is a bubble etc. They want to … Continue reading Cryptocurrency – The New Digital Asset Class