YOU are the light of the world. YOU are the pearl of great price. YOU are a city on a hill. YOU have the power of the just and good dominion of creation living inside. YOU are a seed that will bear luscious and tasty fruit. YOU are as the magnificence of the waters of the ocean that cover our earth. YOU are immeasurably beautiful … Continue reading you

Sadness in Paris

   Sometimes people with deprived motives commit great acts of indecency towards our (and their) fellow human beings. This makes our hearts very sad, because we are all connected. Us human beings feel the loss, grief and sadness of our brothers and sisters, those people whose lives have been cut short or considerably damaged. So much needless suffering. However, when such things happen many people … Continue reading Sadness in Paris

            love one another 

  I have met a number of Christian people of late who steered the general conversation with me towards their great concern concerning acceptance of gay marriage, I’m sure they were thinking I’d be right on board with their thoughts. I don’t like conflict, but they picked the wrong person.  Christian people who rally against full LGBQT acceptance do not understand Paul’s words that in Christ … Continue reading             love one another 

encouragement for today – the storms of life 

   The storms will always eventually pass.. but then again, the next one might kill you. So you might as well enjoy life right now whilst you are able to do so. Live with a big heart, live passionately and enjoy every second with yourself, and all creation. Suck the marrow out of the bones of life. Feast heartily, love much and be merry, for … Continue reading encouragement for today – the storms of life 

get a little moisture between your toes

   Trish and I had a great experience today. Bonding with our new little guys at the local YMCA Aquatic centre. We had great fun, made a lot of noise, there was much splashing of H2O and not caring about some looks from a few of the more reserved younger parents.  I admit, we were probably a little too loud, wrinkly, old and exuberant. But … Continue reading get a little moisture between your toes

self punishment and leg slapping

I’m no psychologist, far from it that’s for sure. But I have learned one or two things in life. Here is one thing… it is my understanding that sometimes we do an odd thing. We occasionally attempt to “punish” those closest to us at various times by our actions. As far as I can tell we do this for two reasons. Firstly it is because … Continue reading self punishment and leg slapping