Dear Spiritual Person

Don’t ever underestimate your true worth and beauty. You are a strong person with good intuition, strength and wisdom. Yet humble enough to realise you don’t always get it right. Sometimes you probably think to much and sometimes get a little muddled up. But you’re an amazing diligent person. But these things do not define you. You are defined by your true self. The person … Continue reading Dear Spiritual Person

The New Economy – Cryptocurrency

Human beings have gone from bartering cattle and grain as a form of currency over 3,000 years ago, then coins in Lydia (now Turkey) under King Alyattes in 600BC. We moved forward with copper, silver and gold pieces, then in more recent times paper money which was supported by a gold standard. The now very popular credit card was first introduced in 1946. In recent … Continue reading The New Economy – Cryptocurrency

Avett Brothers – No Hard Feelings

I somehow stumbled upon this little treasure a few months ago on YouTube and it has become one of my faves. I’m not sure why it hooked me, it resonated on the parts inside that are somehow still alive and thankfully not too far decayed, dead and being eaten alive by microscopic creatures, crawling up into my insides, feasting with delight upon my flesh bones … Continue reading Avett Brothers – No Hard Feelings

Re-thinking the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

“I would recommend freedom, I would recommend a world that is the exact opposite of what Trump and Netanyahu are driving us into” This woman speaks eloquently and powerfully. Christian influenced Western governments generally support Israel. Apparently, we are the ‘goodies’ and the Palestinians are the ‘baddies’. If you think this way, please listen to the words of this woman and tell me if you … Continue reading Re-thinking the Palestinian Israeli conflict.